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At Millar Family Funeral Directors we appreciate that each person is totally unique, so it makes perfect sense to us that each funeral we arrange and conduct should also be unique. Whether you want a simple, private service, or a more elaborate celebration, we will work with you to help you create a service that is special to you, and as unique as the life lived. 

Funeral costs can vary considerably depending on whether the funeral is to be a cremation or burial. Whether you require limousines or perhaps you prefer to use your own transport. You may wish to place an intimation in the newspaper to let family and friends know the details of the funeral. You might decide to have floral tributes for your loved one, and after the funeral you may want to provide catering at a local hotel or other venue. All of these options will affect the final cost of the funeral.


We are happy to discuss all the options available to you and provide you with a written estimate at the time of the arrangement. 



A small example of our funeral choices:-



Call us to arrange a consultation either at our office or in the comfort of your own home.

01382 827000

Direct Cremation 

A Direct Cremation Service is a low cost alternative to a traditional funeral service. There are no mourners or officiant present, but the funeral staff will be in attendance throughout. You can rest assured our same high standards apply and the funeral staff and crematorium staff will always maintain the dignity and solemnity of the occasion. Please note the cremation times are set by Dundee Crematorium and the family do not get a choice of the day or time the cremation will take place.


Included in the price:-


  • Bringing deceased into our care from hospital (during office hours), nursing / care home or private residence 24 hour service at no extra charge. We will collect deceased within a 25 mile radius at no extra charge

  • Care and preparation of deceased

  • Provision of a robe

  • Provision of a simple wood effect cremation coffin, fully furnished with white interior

  • Cremation fee

  • Cremated remains can be collected from the crematorium on behalf of the family and delivered within the Dundee area.  



Simple Cremation Service 


Our Simple Funeral Service is designed to allow families the opportunity to have a fitting, dignified funeral at a very affordable price, and includes the following:

  • Provision of all Funeral Director services to make all the necessary funeral arrangements, including completion of all documentation and liaison with all third parties as required

  • Professional advice, guidance and support throughout the entire process

  • Bringing deceased into our care from hospital, nursing or care home, or private residence within a 50 mile radius of our office

  • Care and preparation of deceased

  • Provision of a robe, or your loved one can be dressed in their own clothes if you prefer 

  • Visiting deceased during office hours (9 am - 5 pm) out with these times by appointment

  • Provision of a simple cremation coffin, fully furnished with a white interior

  • Provision of a hearse and all funeral staff on the day of the funeral

  • 30 Orders of Service (4 page standard design)

From     £1735


Please note this price does not include any disbursements (third party costs) payable to the crematorium, cemetery, church or officiant. Nor does it include the cost of embalming, hire of any limousines, floral tributes or an obituary notice in a newspaper. (The funeral director will discuss these costs with you and give you a written estimate of all additional costs incurred).






Crematorium Charges:


Dundee Crematorium          £1250

Parkgrove Crematorium      £1220

Perth Crematorium              £836

Brewsterwells                      £870


Burial Charges:

Dundee City Council - Purchase of New Lair plus interment fee    £2120

Dundee City Council - Interment Fee in Existing Lair                     £625

Cairnbrae Natural Burial Site - Full Burial Plot                                £POA

Officiants Charges:

Humanist or Civil Celebrant  -  Prices range from £190 to £220 - your funeral director will advise you of costs, depending on which celbrant you wish to use. 

Minister or Priest (family may wish to make a donation)

The above is just a sample of some of our funeral services. Please contact us to discuss further options open to you including our traditional funeral service or our fully bespoke service, tailor-made to your requirements.


You can contact us anytime for free, impartial advice 

01382 827000

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