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Alternative Hearses

If you would like an alternative to the standard motorised hearse that we provide, we are happy to help arrange this for you.

There are many different options available - from a beautiful horse drawn hearse with either two or four black horses to pull the carriage, or maybe you would prefer a white hearse drawn by white horses. 


Perhaps a motorbike and sidecar hearse, or a Land Rover Defender would be a more fitting form of transport to take your loved one on their final journey.

Your funeral director will be happy to discuss the various options open to you and advise you of the of costs involved. 

Please call us on 01382 827000 to discuss the many different hearses that are available.

Please note the availability of your chosen alternative hearse may affect the day and time

of the funeral. Your funeral director will be happy to advise you on this matter

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